Here, you will find a heritage of hard work and innovation in the companies — both large and small — that call West Belleville home. You will find our number one employer — healthcare and the related occupational fields — rank far higher than the national average in quality of services provided. You will find top-rated professional service firms, strong friendly financial institutions and unmatched workforce development programs through our regional post-secondary education partners.

International and National Headquarters

Allsup, Inc.

We understand the many challenges which accompany a mental and physical disability. With all the worries and stresses that your condition brings, you can sleep easy knowing that Allsup will take care of getting the Social Security disability you deserve. Our 97% success rate is proof of that.

Over 20 years of experience has given us the knowledge to successfully streamline and navigate the disability process. The reason for our effectiveness? We specialize in only Social Security disability services.

Landshire, Inc.

Landshire provides a wide variety of delicious sandwiches, burrito, breakfast items and specialty foods. Our award winning packages and compelling point of sale materials will drive consumers to your sandwich cooler. Then the quality and freshness of our products will keep them coming back.

Landshire diligently monitors its products to guarantee quality, consistency and freshness. We use many of the same name brand ingredients used in preparing your own sandwiches at home. Our "freshness" packaging, coupled with our bakery and state-of-the-art facility are just some of the ways we continue to work to provide you with excellent products.

The ROHO Group

ROHO, Inc. was incorporated in 1973 by Robert H. Graebe. He began his career as an electrical engineer, but while working on a project for a hospital, he became concerned about a means to heal ischemic ulcers or pressures sores, as they are commonly called. Through intense research and development, Mr. Graebe invented ROHO® DRY FLOATATION® technology, named such because ROHO medical cushions and mattresses mimic the properties of water, in a dry, air-fluid environment. This technology has been proven in countless clinical studies to assist in effectively healing as well as preventing pressure sores.

Since its founding nearly 35 years ago, the Company has relied upon superior product technology, dedicated and passionate employees, target marketing programs and formal customer training to improve market share and ensure excellence in all activities, products and services.

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